Kimberly Sayles


Hi There!
I’m Kimberly M. Sayles, the “KMS” behind KMSVEA.

I know the struggle that lies behind the scenes when you’re a working mom. As a mom who has been through the struggle myself, I decided to launch my Virtual Assistant business in 2013 to help C-Level moms (who I affectionately refer to as “Boss Queens“) reclaim their time. Since then, I’ve worked with clients in fields from coaching to medical, using my over 25 years of admin support experience to provide top-tier service. I am dedicated to making a difference in the life of every woman I work with.

Let’s connect Boss Queens! Let me help you Reclaim Your Time!

My Core Values


I hold my customers, contractors, and community to the highest regard and find value in service leadership and humility.


I live a purpose driven life with the vision of helping others. Being a VEA gives me space to love what I do.

Commitment to Quality

I strive for excellence with every single client I work with, because I will never let my passion for organization and helping others fall beneath the line.

Integrity & Honesty

I take ownership for my actions and words as I strongly believe that trust is of utmost importance in a business relationship.


I recognize the importance of every single minute in a busy woman’s schedule. Being efficient, mindful, and persistent is my commitment to you.

KMSVEA Core Values

Why Choose KMSVEA

I understand that choosing the right Virtual or Personal Assistant for you is an important decision. When you work with me, you will reap the benefits of more time for your loved ones, your business, and yourself while I handle everything behind the scenes.

More Energy

Energy is a finite commodity that comes at a premium when you are running a business. If you spend it all on back-end work, it will deplete the reserves you have for developing your business. A VA will give you more time to focus your energy on what’s really important.

Better Focus.

Trying to take care of every detail yourself will keep you distracted and overwhelmed. Hire a VEA to help shoulder the load so you can keep your eyes and mind on the prize.

More Time

As a business owner, you have better things to do than miscellaneous admin work. When you allow your VEA to shoulder some of the burden, you can double or triple the time you have for your professional and personal life.

Reduced Stress.

Trying to juggle every single ball by your self will create stress and ultimately lead to burnout. Working with a VEA can help make your life peaceful again.